Choosing a sewing machine or serger

Choosing a sewing machine or serger:

If you’re looking to buy a sewing machine, there are a lot of options.  You can choose from the mind-blowing newest computer machines to the oldest fully functional antique machines.  And everything in between!

You may want to start out by determining what your intended use or uses for your machine will be.  Do you want to use it for repairs, alterations, mending, quilting, dressmaking, home decorating, upholstery, crafts, embroidery, manufacturing, or leatherworking?

Next you want to determine whether you will use it occasionally, as an enthusiast or as a professional.  When you have the answers to these questions, you can now look into the various features offered by different brands, and determine whether a domestic sewing machine or an industrial/commercial sewing machine would be best.   In between lie the hybrid machines which offer some industrial features on a portable machine.  Some companies like Juki ( Reliable ( and Brother offer all three types.  Most people choose industrial when time and numbers are important, however Industrial machines are sometimes the best solution for dealing with heavier fabrics, and special materials like leather and  vinyl.

Used machines that are well kept whether industrial or domestic can be a good choice, since many of the older machines were made to last a lifetime and longer.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about choosing an appropriate machine to suit your needs.

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