Sewing Products We Sell:

We sell:

Industrial and domestic sewing machines and sergers that cover all ranges of sewing.

Check out these sites for a complete range of quality products.

We also sell quality used machines that we go over meticulously.  We only sell what we would be happy to own.

Check out our for sale section to see our current offerings.

Did I mention that we also service everything we sell and all other brands of machines?

We also supply our customers with quality parts and accessories like special feet, etc.

Needles for all type of machines and applications are available in many different sizes.  See these links:

We believe in quality lighting for the workstation and therefore sell Uber lights  (, which can be used, in all domestic and industrial applications.

Although we sell and sharpen all brands of scissors and shears, it’s hard to not favor the Kai brand.  Their quality and performance is outstanding!  You have to take a test drive to believe it.

Reliable do irons best.  That’s what we sell.

We use and sell only the best lubricants for your machines.  Don’t risk using general-purpose oil on your investment.  Never, never, never use vegetable oil.  Don’t laugh, has happened.  See FAQs.

For a detailed quote or more information on any of the above items please contact us.


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